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the hare

and so...
more writing into the destination unknown.
throwing another rickety dart towards some conclusion ive yet to get close enough to make out.

it's so frustrating to not be able to explain to people how you feel about something.
especially if what you're trying to explain is something as simple as "im proud of you" or "you make me happy".
when you aim so precisely... so carefully... and miss your target from a mile away.
and then.. on the trek to hunt down what you so haphazardly got wrong.. you forget what you're doing. end up walking around in circles. its not until you give-in... go home.... and crawl into bed that you really remember with perfect clarity what you were meaning to say.

there are a couple people in my life right now...
that are everything i could ever ask for in a person.
i feel *so* comfortable with them.. so *real*
they are my jolt out of sleepwalking.

and i still cant express to them.. in simple words
how so very necessary they are to me.

i want to write more.
but i need to sleep.

as far as i can tell.. dreams are just dreams... nothing else but a tar ball of random thoughts and memories.
with that said.. they can sometimes pose as good therapy.
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