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holy fuck! where did i go?!

where indeed...

ill tell you ONE thing... it sure isnt worth typing about in great detail.
so, instead here's the...
Brief Summary of Kody's 3 Months in the VOID

moves out of his home of 6 months
gets fired from the quacky old folks home where he's been employed for over 2 years
moves in with crazy aunt and uncle
gets pseudo kicked out of aunt and uncle's
moves in with brother and grandfather

through out these three months i experience isolation and total worthlessness.. but im mostly better now. im making some money, working on at least 3 comic ideas that i think will sell/will be fun to read, painting two zombies which i will post here soon, and hunting down all available options for becoming a tattoo artist.

something else...
about a month ago i had a dream. it was by far the creepiest most unsettling dream ive EVER had. i wrote it down in story form... to try and project the feelings of terror and vulnerability i felt... onto the readers (YOUSE).
the story that Smoker is telling is the dream.

without further ado

The Dream
smoker: im going to tell you a story now.

man on the other side of the table: okay.

smoker: there's a road. deep in the woods of south-western tennessee. a long twisting dirt road with nothing on it but one house. and in this house was nothing but a second floor.

man...: what do you mean nothing but a second floor?

smoker: i mean there was nothing but a second floor... no bottom floor. i cant explain it any better than that.

man...: okay. go on.

smoker: on this second floor there was nothing but two windows, two rooms, one hallway, and one red door. we got into the house by leaning an old dead log onto the roof near one of the two windows. the only window open.

man...: we? there were others with you.

smoker: yes. four of us.

man...: where are they now?

smoker: i dont know. out there maybe... lost... like me.

man...: i see. go on.

smoker: the four of us... Cain, Shannon, Katie, and I climbed inside. i dont remember why we went there... or why we went inside. it was almost dark... and snowing a little... maybe thats why. the front room was completely empty... save some leaves, eight or nine pair of old shoes, and a hallway in the back. a long narrow hallway ending with one red door. it was shut.
it was cold. i remember that vividly. so we gathered the leaves and built a small fire in the middle of the room. we were sitting in a circle around the fire and shannon got up to shut the one open window. that was when i saw her.

man...: who?

smoker: she didnt tell me her name... she didnt speak at all... but for some reason. i knew her name was Baba Yaga. the old russian witch who lived in a house that stood on chicken-legs.

man...: so it was a witch?

smoker: i dont know. id rather not try to classify what she was.

man...: okay. go on.

smoker: shannon was hanging half out the window... reaching for the open shutters. she was no further than three feet from him, slouched in the corner. i dont know how long she had be there staring at me. staring with her wild, half-snarling atrophied grin.

man...: what did she look like?

smoker: old, really old, really tall too... like 6'5". hair hanging long and stringy... like wet seaweed. her arms... oh god, her arms almost touched the floor.. ending in mangled five-legged dead spiders. she wore some night-gown... tattered and bright white gone sickly yellow. her neck, which like her arms was abnormally long and seemed to be broken at not quite a 90 degree angle near her head.

man...: and she was smiling at you?

smoker: sort of... maybe it would be more accurate to say she was happily showing me all her narrow little teeth. she had to have at least 200 of those creepy mother fuckers.

man...: what did you do?

smoker: nothing. i just sat there paralyzed by the sight of her.

man...: and what did the others do?

smoker: nothing. they just kept on talking. they had to have seen her... Shannon had to have seen her. she even broke her stare with me to watch him walk past her and sit back down near the fire. they just acted like she didnt even exist. come to think of it... they were acting like i didnt exist. they had stopped talking to me... didnt even look at me. no one looked at me... except for the woman in the corner.
then her neck started growing longer. snaked right up the wall. and it didnt stop when it reached the ceiling. it slithered up on it until her head was directly above the fire. then she stopped... dead hair hanging long and low, smile still fixed on me... i lost a bit of time then.

man...: you passed out?

smoker: i suppose... well, not exactly. when i came to i was standing down the hallway facing the red door... hand on the knob. i could hear katie talking... she had to've been miles away. i remember looking back at the fire which was now a distant orange spark deep down the tunnel that was the hallway... the feeling of isolation... and utter vulnerability was now reaching maximum levels.

man...: what did you do?

smoker: i opened the red door, and went inside.

man...: go on.

smoker: there were no windows or furniture... only a single working light bulb dangling low on a wire from the ceiling... it had no switch. the room was totally barren... save one thing.

man...: and what was that?

smoker: the block. the thing that did this to me...

[the man on the other side of the table glances down]

smoker: it came from the great wall of hell... something had carved a block of it right out and placed it in this house. there are probably hundreds of them on this planet. waiting... patiently. there were holes carved out of the flesh covered dirt walls and i could hear voices from inside it... i thought it was a cage. i spoke. it spoke back. it convinced me to come and put my arms inside it. so i did and the children grabbed me by the wrists. the little girls... they started chewing and gnawing my fingers and arms. i tried to fight... and then...

man...: what.

smoker: i lost time again. i found myself at home... my home. arms and hands bandaged up. i didnt leave the house for 2 weeks. then... i started having dreams... hellish dreams about that room with the red door. i heard those children scuttling under my bed. so i left... and i havent been back.

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