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shit sauce

today at the tattoo parlor... this girl comes in... wants lettering or her lower back.

she wants the word "royalty"
why? i overheard her saying "he better fucking love it" and "i cant believe im going through all this pain for a guy"

*number one reason to NOT get a tattoo*

feh... anyways... she starts cursing... because of the pain... saying everything possible to say... and then... "shit sauce!"
maybe she had ran out of profanity... maybe she felt she couldnt repeat the same words twice... whatever the reason... she decided to make up her own. rachael (the piercing apprentice) and i were sitting in the front half of the room (sectioned off by a 5 foot wall) the girl and don the tattoo artist were in the back half... and all of a sudden "SHIT SAUCE!"

she also fabricated other gems such as but not limited to "jesus biscuit" and "toe jammer". she wouldnt say goddamnit though... only "gosh damnit" and "god durnit"... i spose she assumes those words are in the clear... and wont get her a ticket to the flames of hell.

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