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twine rickety spine

slithering back...

still doing the breathing thing...


back in owensboro... working at blockbuster
i found a tattoo parlor downtown here... gathered my guts and went forward to sell myself
and sell myself i did!

i am now kody the tattoo apprentice
ive been doing this for nearly 3 weeks
learning how to tattoo... being taxi driver... being slave and janitor... being pretty much everything they want me to do... but this is how i figured it would go... so s'ok
mixx (my fat, lazy, creepy, bland tattoo boss... thing) says im ready to begin to learn the machine (never call it a gun... he tells me... ive been broken of this)... oh gods, i cant wait

they're (mix and don) good tattoo artists.... but thats where their artiness ends... they cant create anything for shit... they have no concept outside of reproduction and minor touch up. they treat me like some protigal... some holy grail (that of course drives them around and cleans up their messes) since i have some prior knowledge in what the fuck im doing.

i cant wait to learn what i need... get licensed and run...

how are liz and lauren?
i miss talking to you guys much
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